Our Community Leaders

Mrs. Denise Wise is a former CHW Supervisor for the Institute of Public Health Innovation (UPHI). In her current role, Ms. Wise works as a foster parent liaison for Jewish Family Services.

Mrs. Denise has a strong footprint in the development of CHW’s in Virginia. She spearheaded the constitution of the Virginia Community Health Worker Association. The pioneering group was under her leadership. She also supervised CHWs on multiple

Hired, trained, and mentored CHWs into leadership roles. Her impact in the CHW profession runs deep. As she describes, supervision is not a straightforward process. There are many factors (internal and external) that dictate the efficacy of the supervision relationship. 

Many are the residual effects of this pandemic from both physical and emotional perspectives. Ancillary effects can be attributed to depression, fatigue, upper respiratory problems, overweight, etc. Mrs. Denise predicts a monumental impact in the CHW workforce based on the aftermath of COVID19. 

Mrs. Denise sees herself as a survivor of COVID19. She uses her own experiences with COVID19 as a testimony to encourage CHWs to pursue additional training and education. Mrs. Denise extended words of wisdom for CHWs. She said ” invest in training that will help you succeed at managing and addressing the effects of COVID19.”

Personally, if you know Mrs. Denise, you would know she enjoys good cuisine. She travels frequently and upholds the mantra “laugher is good medicine…use it often.” We need to uplift exemplary supervisors and mentors. Our future depends on them! If you have an  awesome supervisor please take the time to recognize them today!

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