All Kidz Matter

Deltarsha Johnson is the CHW who we are spotlighting for this month. Deltarsha has founded a movement called All Kidz Matter. She has organized coat and shoe drives. Her dedication to community development is reflected by her commitment to service. She graciously agreed to an interview.

Interviewer: Hello, do you mind if I ask you a few questions? DJ: Not at all,ask away (slightly giggling)
Interviewer:What inspired you to become a CHW?

DJ: Well, I didn’t even know I was one until you told me. I just considered myself an advocate for children,especially teenaged girls. Growing up, I made many mistakes. As I grew older, well wiser, cause I dont look a day over 25 (giggling), I realized that had someone shared their experiences with me, I may have chosen different paths in life. Many people are ashamed of their past mistakes but not me baby. I may not be proud of everything I have done but I am not ashamed and I use them to make sure another person has the knowledge to choose a different route then I did. I also believe ever child deserves to be loved and nutured so I enjoy advocating on their behalf.

Interviewer: What do you like most/least about being a CHW?

DJ: I love making life a little easier for those that I work with. Sometimes the stress of not having necessities can be overwhelming and a small handup can make a huge difference in someone’s life. I love how community members come together to show the children love. Not much I don’t like about being a CHW but I can say that I do not like the fact that our whole community wont advocate for something. Imagine if everyone was a CHW for some sort of need, we’d be awesome!

Interviewer:Where do you see yourself in 2-4 years?

DJ: Hopefully at a cookout (laughing) with no social distancing needed. Seriously, I want to expand my business and have young ladies work with me and branch out to form their own businesses.

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