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In the spring of 2019, the Virginia Community Health Worker Association (VACHWA) initiated a strategic planning process. The process helped clarify areas of opportunities in which the VACHWA is able to serve Virginia’s community health workers and their communities. The strategic plan established specific priorities, along with supporting strategies to achieve those objectives. 

Board Members

Stephanie Carrington, Interim President
Stephanie is a founding member and helped with the development of  the VACHWA. 
Stephanie is a certified Community Health Worker for Richmond City Health District. She holds a degree in Social Science and Education.
Stephanie is an alumna of the Grace E Harris Leadership Institute. She serves as a board member of The Market @ 25th and the Creighton Redevelopment Advisory Board.
Stephanie is passionate about the community she serves and enjoys reading and mentoring children.
Shanteny Jackson, Out-going President

Shanteny Jackson is the first Afro-Latina VACHWA President. She works for Richmond City Health District as a Certified Bilingual Community Health Worker Senior. 

She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and Human Services with a concentration in Addictions. She is a proud alumnus of the Community Trust building Fellowship, Ginter Urban Gardener Program, Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute, and Circles USA.

Mrs. Jackson is known as a compassionate collaborator and community advocate. Her strong background in community engagement and organizing serves as a foundation for her diverse professional career.

Shanteny has pioneered social and community projects for both Southwood and Broad Resource Centers. In her current role, Shanteny strives to promote values of inclusion and leadership in communities of color.

Sherrell Thompson, Secretary
Sherrell Thompson. is a Certified Community Health Worker and has been for the past 3 years with VDH. She is  a Resident Services Coordinator for Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority.
She’s worked in the Gilpin Community for 8 years. Sherrell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and is the proud Secretary of the CHW association, Assistant Secretary of RPS Head-start Policy Council and Steering Committee for Northside Strong and Gilpin Crime Grant.
She enjoys reading, shopping, and outdoor activities. Her passion is to serve and help others.


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