The Virginia Community Health Worker Association (VACHWA) is a space for community health workers (inclusive of all titles) to network and grow personally and professionally through education and advocacy.

We want to see Virginia communities having better health outcomes so that individuals and families can live healthier and happier lives.


We will be respectful and inclusive of all differences and provide professional opportunities for all professions that identify as community health workers.


We will support and strengthen the voices of CHW’s to grow and lead change in their community. We will highlight the work, need and benefits of CHW’s in Virginia communities.

Compassion & Empathy

We will have compassion toward the challenges and issues faced by CHW’s and their clients and communities.


We will support the continual personal and professional training and development of CHW’s through networking, education and peer support.

Shared Responsibility

We will encourage the shared ownership and active participation of our membership in achieving the mission, vision and values of the organization. We encourage integrity and reliability in carrying out our programs and services to members.

We Welcome you to VACHWA

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Community Health Worker Impact!

August’s newsletter carries a theme of empowerment and unity.  Our favorites sections are:

  1. Unity Conference
  2. International Spotlight
  3. Training Opportunities

Find Augusts’ newsletter here. In case you are planning to attend this month’s Virginia Community Health Workers Association (VACHWA) meeting, feel free to join our meeting by clicking here.

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Community Health Worker Training Catalogue

The Virginia Community Health Workers Association was created to support community health workers in their pathway to professional and personal development.

Thanks to the support of our stakeholders, donors and partners we are able to provide a wide range of training opportunities.

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In Our Depository​

Visit our Documents Depository for new and important information about our Newsletter Webinar Archive, Speakers’ presentations and more.

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Mrs. Denise Wise is a former CHW Supervisor for the Institute of Public Health Innovation (UPHI). In her current role, Ms. Wise works as a foster parent liaison for Jewish Family Services.

Click here for Denise’s complete  interview. 

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