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Excelente el curso , muy completo, agradecimiento a nuestra instructora profesional con muchas buenas cualidades, las actividades realizadas dejan mucho aprendizaje y estoy muy feliz por haber logrado culminar el entrenamiento de cancer ambassador.

Exchanging information in the chat. It is good to share ideas with colleagues we maybe only see in remote settings.

It is a challenge around work time, but that is also the only time to get the most participants.

My favorite part of the virtual meeting was listening to both speakers.

Community Health Worker, VACHWA

I loved the in-person part because of the networking activities

Community Health Worker, VACHWA

Great training, very interacting with multiple approaches to learning; please if possible include a 5-minute break about midway through.

Keep up the good work and thanks for offering the training AND a certificate of completion to be used toward (re)certification credits 🙂


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