This Giving Tuesday, let’s make a difference together. Your support can change lives. Join the Association in our mission to educate our community health workers, grow our operations, and continue our outreach services. Every donation counts, no matter the size. Together, we can create a ripple of positive change.


Community Health Workers are public health front line workers with close ties to a community or population. While we are tirelessly working to improve access to education for community health workers, we couldn’t made this possible without the support and generosity of donors like you.

Virginia legislation (HB688) provided title protections for community health workers. The title “certified community health workers” is bestowed upon individuals who meet training, experience and supervision requirements under the oversight of the Virginia Department of Health. As of today, the state of Virginia has two hundred and fifty six (256) certified community health workers.

The Virginia Community Health Worker Association created a scholarship to reduce the economic burden that CHWs can experience while attaining certification or recertification. In 2023, our organization awarded sixty seven scholarships.

Each scholarship could covers $100.00 for certification or $75.00 for recertification. Your monetary support is pivotal in creating more opportunities for the rising cohorts of certified community health workers in Virginia.


The Virginia Community Health Worker Association (VACHWA) mission is to be an incubator space for Community Health Workers (CHWs) to network and grow personally and professionally.

In this year only, VACHWA hosted eleven monthly meetings. Two of those amazing meetings were in person (VACHWA Headquarters and Sarah Garland Community Health Center). We created lots of memories and learned from experts in the field.

A total of more than 1100 attendees annually joined our monthly meetings in 2023. Community Health Workers reported an average level of satisfaction of 8.9 on a scale of 10.

In order to continue providing administrative and operational support to our constituents and allies, we need your support. Our goal is to raise $15,000.00 (five percent) of VACHWA’s annual operating budget.

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In 2323, the Virginia Community Health Worker Association (VACHWA) lead outreach efforts that impacted communities locally and internationally.

In order to create sustainable and resilient communities we must create an environment of advocacy, awareness and trusting relationships. These elements are critical to the development of thriving communities.

Some of the core values of the Virginia Community Health Worker Association are: trust, empowerment and compassion.

We conduct outreach events across the state to connect with communities and elevate the work community health workers in Virginia.


The Virginia Community Health Worker Association (VACHWA) is led by industry professionals; who are committed to serving, developing and building their community through access to education and equity in public health.


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